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Breaking Free: How to Become a Digital Nomad

A nomad stands for someone with a freelance job, but without a permanent place to live or stay. Digital nomads are people who instead of making money from home, combine traveling with working remotely. Most digital nomads do not believe in borders and certainly not during regular office hours.

Digital nomads believe that you can work anywhere you want. It is difficult for factory workers, but for other professions such as online content managers or helpdesk employees, the location where you work doesn't matter much.

Can you practice any profession as a digital nomad?

If you want to become a digital nomad, many popular freelance jobs are suitable, but not every profession has the freedom that a digital nomad likes.

The condition for combining travel and work is that you can do all your work via a computer or telephone. It also depends on whether you work as a team or whether you can do all your work independently.

Many digital nomads manage themselves by maintaining a blog or vlog. Their income comes from sponsored videos or blog posts, and the other content of their blog or vlog consists of stories about their travels or sites visited.

The 10 most common and best-paid freelance professions that make it possible to become a digital nomad are:

  1. Blogger/Vlogger

  2. Software Developer

  3. Online marketing specialist

  4. Social media specialist

  5. SEO/SEA specialist

  6. Writer/content manager

  7. Your own webshop

  8. Helpdesk employee

  9. Designer

  10. (Tutoring) teacher

Can you work together as a digital nomad?

Just because you work remotely doesn't mean you can't work together as a team. Thanks to video calls, you can hold meetings remotely. And thanks to various planning and collaboration tools such as Slack, you can easily keep track of the progress of other team members.