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How can you make money online from home?

Making money from home is easier than you think and even becoming a real hype. Did you know that statistics show that by 2030, more than 60% of Americans will have a second job from home or earn a full income from home? Working from home is not new, but thanks to the Internet, there are many more opportunities and possibilities to work as an online freelancer and make money from your own home. Where you used to be able to do packing work or were paid to call people, the possibilities are now numerous.

How can you earn a little extra online?

To earn a little extra online, all you need is a Smartphone or a computer and an Internet connection. Then you can offer all your services or knowledge to anyone who wants to make use of them. One of the easiest ways to do this, for example, is to use a computer and an internet connection:

  1. Online surveys: You can sign up to fill out online surveys. Some sites offer up to 400,- Euro extra income per month and you don't need any education or knowledge to do so.

How can you earn a living from home without a lot of knowledge?

If you want to earn a full income by working from home or become a digital nomad, you'll also need to take it a little more seriously. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

  1. Online sales of products: Via well-known websites such as, you can now easily start your own webshop. You can offer anything. From things you can find in the clutter to stuff, you can buy cheap online somewhere else.

  2. Online webcam sex: It is forbidden in many countries, and even though we do not explicitly condemn it, we do not want to advise anyone.

  3. Blogging: You don't have any knowledge, but you do need a lot of inspiration and a bit of writing talent to start a blog. You can start with a free site where you first put some articles on it, and once you have a regular readership, you can earn money with banners or affiliate marketing.

How can you earn money online if you have a lot of knowledge or expertise?

Of course, it all depends on what knowledge and expertise you have, but the number of possibilities to convert them into cash continues to grow.

Online marketing: The demand for online marketing professionals continues to grow. This is due to the growing number of online marketing activities that companies start up and the ever-increasing number of online marketing opportunities. Think, for example of:

Social Media Management

You maintain one or more social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram for a company and answer questions from visitors.

SEA campaigns

You set up SEA (search engine advertisement) campaigns for customers and monitor progress.

Affiliate marketing

You maintain contacts with affiliate networks and set up affiliate campaigns for customers.

SEO campaigns and maintenance

You optimize the sites of customers and add SEO-optimized content. You also maintain contact with content partners and arrange back-links for the websites.

Testing sites & apps: Site builders often need testers for the websites or apps they develop. Sometimes you test according to a predefined protocol, and sometimes you just have to give your opinion. If you are proficient in HTML or a programming language, you can even work online to fix any bugs.

How can you earn online if you think you can't do anything?

Online platform TheONE believes that everyone can be of value to someone else. We've all experienced or learned something another person needs to hear about or learn from. That's why TheONE is not only for professionals but also for those who think they do not have much to offer or know.

Through TheONE, you can share your knowledge and experiences with people who ask for it. Creating an account is free, and you are only available when you like. If you're available, anyone from all over the world can contact you via video calls, and you'll earn every minute you're on a video call. Only the first minute is free because the other person wants to know who you are first, but what you want to earn per minute is up to you.

How can you earn from home or anywhere in the world with TheONE?

Google has a lot of answers, but they certainly don't always meet the question that is asked. Suppose you want to know how to prune a particular tree, but you don't know the name of the tree. Which search query do you give?

Another example: Your car won't start, and you Google "Car won't start". Do you know how many articles you need to read before you read a possible solution to the problem?

Thanks to TheONE, you'll be able to talk to someone right away and show them what you mean through video calls. When you create a profile, you can specify what you know in your profile, and then people can get an immediate response from you too. How simple and smart is that?!

What kind of questions are asked on TheONE to users?

TheONE has no insight into what is being discussed or asked for, but thanks to surveys, it appears that there is an enormous demand for the most diverse subjects such as:

  1. Pets: For example: How to deal with difficult pets?

  2. Dishes: For example: How do I cook delicious, varied, healthy but cheap?

  3. Gardening: How do I prune this tree myself?

  4. Handyman: How do I get my terrace clean again?

What also appears from the surveys is that sometimes someone only calls for a listened ear. Someone is lonely or wants to hear the opinion of a stranger on a subject.

As a professional, how can you make money with TheONE?

Even as a professional, you can easily generate income with TheONE. It starts with the fact that you don't need your own website anymore. That can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. TheONE has an unprecedented number of professionals from all over the world who offer all kinds of knowledge, services, and services. Think, for example of:

  1. Online Coaching: This can include business coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, and much more.

  2. Online Marketing: Just as described above, professionals offer their SEO, SEA, or Social media and affiliate skills.

  3. Online homework support: People from all over the world offer remote homework support via live video calling. From chemistry to mathematics and biology, there is always a suitable homework supervisor.

  4. Online language lessons: Learning a language at the pace and on the spot whenever you want is only possible thanks to the online language teachers at TheONE.

  5. Financial or legal advice: Even though students offer many financial and legal services, TheONE provides a wide range of financial and legal experts. Sometimes a short question does not require an expert, but in other cases, expertise is a must!

The number of services to offer is unlimited, and everyone can participate and make use of it. That is the power of making a living online with TheONE. Sign up now for free and receive calls via live video.

Am I going to earn money with TheONE?

Whether or not you start earning with TheONE depends on your offer and how much demand there is. What you can do yourself to increase the demand for your services is to promote yourself and your profile everywhere and take advantage of all the benefits of working as an online freelancer. TheONE has several tools for this, but as with everything else, the more energy you put into something, the more successful it becomes.

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