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Become Damn Good in Doing Good

Start Giving a Damn

Do good, become better: Transform yourself in just 66 days by effortlessly doing good and becoming a better version of yourself.

Doing good. Everyone does it from time to time. Some just more often and more consciously than others. But why do we actually do it? Research shows that it is in human nature to do good and that we also do it for ourselves. Not to show how good we are, but because, among other things, it makes us happier, wiser, and healthier. So while doing good it enriches the world around you as well as yourself!

Start giving a damn inspires you to take the initiative every day to do a little good yourself. You get practical tips and the probing questions help you effortlessly do good even more consciously.

We challenge you to do good for 66 days until your behaviour has become a habit and you also become a better version of yourself.


Make Good Money Meaningfully

A Damn Good Business

Become a Meaningful Profit company within 30 days and make better profits by connecting the machine to human nature.

Do you, as a charity or business, ever question if you're doing things the right way? A Damn Good Business suggests that adapting to human nature can lead to better outcomes, which we call a Meaningful Profit Business - the perfect balance between profit and non-profit. This approach can lead to increased efficiency, innovation, income, reduced workplace stress, and more enjoyable work experiences. Additionally, it allows you to make a positive impact on the world.

Any charity or company can transition to a Meaningful Profit Business in just 30 days by following the guidelines outlined in this book. These guidelines will help you take the necessary steps to achieve success and generate good profits.


Lead or get out of the way

Damn Good Leadership

Lead or get out of the way. Become a great leader and enable the full potential of yourself and your colleagues. Leadership is a choice and the skills can be learned by anyone.


Get out of your mind

A Damn Good

Become the best version of yourself in business and private life. It’s never too late to upgrade yourself to version 2.0. 


Say it right or shut up

Damn Good

Using the right (body) language in every situation to every audience. Privately and professionally, become damn good at making contact with people and make sure you are to be heard. 


Life matters on purpose

A Damn Good

Become extremely valuable to yourself and others in business and life by finding and living your purpose. Cultivate a fulfilling life where each day brings joy.


Start or fail, but do it

A Damn Good

Everyone can become an entrepreneur in 30 days. Dare to dream big and start small. It is your mindset that matters and largely determines whether your startup will fail or succeed.

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