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Webinar Wealth: Turn Your Expertise into Profit

A webinar is an interactive meeting via live video where you as host share your knowledge with an audience that has signed up for it. Giving a webinar can be very lucrative and is much easier than you might think.

Millions of people give webinars and sometimes earn up to 10.000 Dollars per webinar. Of course, this is not for everyone, because the success of webinars and online events is all about great content. But earning hundreds to thousands of Dollars per webinar is something that everyone can learn. Especially if you are aware of the most popular and inspirational webinar topics. Below are 5 tips on how to do this.

1. Choose a popular webinar topic you know a lot about

Of course, one webinar topic is more popular than another. To attract an audience, it is important to choose a popular webinar topic for which there is great interest.

The only condition is that you know a lot about it. If people have to pay for your webinar and therefore knowledge, they want to listen to something from someone who really knows about it.

During a webinar, people can ask questions. The aim is that you can answer those questions directly, and that requires sufficient expertise and experience with or about the subject.

2. Choose between a cheap or a more expensive webinar

The more expensive the webinar, the more value one expects. But there will also be fewer people taking part. Some will not be able to pay a high amount of money, and others won't pay for it.

If you ask a small amount per participant, there will generally be more participants. If there are too few participants, you will earn very little because of the low registration fee. So you will probably have to do more promotions to get enough participants for your webinar.

3. Provide special offers from companies

You can make a special offer during or after your webinar and earn a commission on it. There are plenty of companies that would like to promote their products through you and therefore want to work with you.

Contact the suppliers of products that match the topic of your webinar. Ask them if they can make you a special offer that you can earn something on as well.

You can redirect your webinar participants to a particular website where they can make the purchase, or you can ask them to send you an email.

4. Hire yourself as a promoter of a company or product

Most companies don't know much about webinars and don't just have someone employed who can promote their product or company in front of the camera. If you can, you have something to offer. Namely an audience and the talent to present.

This is worth money for many companies. Visit companies or send them an email with your offer. You can agree on an amount per webinar or an amount per participant. If you ask for 2 Dollars per participant, and you manage to get 500 people to participate in your webinar, you will have earned 1.000,- Dollars immediately.

Please note that participants do not sign up for 60 minutes of promotion on a product or company. They come to learn something useful, so make sure your webinar is and remains informative.

5. Have your webinar sponsored by a company

During the webinar, you usually are with your face in front of the camera most of the time. It means that the background is visible on a large part of the screen. You can sell this background as a promotion for companies.

For example, companies can present their logo or their product on it. You can also have your T-shirt sponsored or wear a cap with a logo. If you have an audience, companies are willing to pay for everything that will make them more visible.

If you have a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation, you could also sell slides or spaces on slides. A logo is easy to place and can sometimes make a lot of money. What many webinar hosts do is start the webinar with a slide that contains something like a logo: This webinar is made possible by … and then the company name of the sponsor.

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