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Startup Incubator Program

Startup Incubator Program

Get Ready to Reach Out to Investors


Jumpstart Your Venture

In this intensive 10-week program, I bring my extensive practical experience and expertise to guide startups through developing a clear vision, strategic planning, market approach, and preparing a pitch deck for potential investors. Tailored to ensure you (and your team of up to three members) lay a solid foundation, this program helps you avoid common costly mistakes made by many before you. It’s designed to save time and set you up for success, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to launch effectively and efficiently.

Three Essential Benefits of Our Startup Incubator Program

Crafting a Vision that Enthuses, Inspires, and Intrigues

Our Startup Incubator Program is designed not only to educate and prepare but also to help you craft a compelling vision for your business. We focus on developing a dream that not only drives your team forward but also captivates and engages potential investors and customers.

About the 
Startup Incubator Progam

Our Startup Incubator Program consists of ten private sessions spread over 10 weeks, each lasting approximately 2 to 3 hours. Throughout the program, participants will engage in intensive, personalized coaching that targets the unique needs and challenges of their startup. Between sessions, participants are expected to complete assignments either at home or in their office. These assignments are designed to apply what has been learned in sessions to real-world scenarios, reinforcing the development of strategic skills and the implementation of their new business vision. This structured approach ensures that each startup receives the full benefit of the incubator, making substantial progress each week.

Who Will Benefit from the Startup Incubator Program

First-Time Entrepreneurs

Individuals launching their first business can greatly benefit from the structured support of an incubator. They often lack experience in key areas such as business planning, fundraising, and marketing. Our incubator program provides mentorship, resources, and a supportive community that can guide first-time entrepreneurs through the complex startup landscape.

Tech Startups

Entrepreneurs in the tech sector, especially those working on innovative or disruptive technologies, can leverage the technical support and specialized resources that we offer. Advanced software tools and connections with tech industry leaders can accelerate the development of your products.

Social Entrepreneurs

Those focused on social impact often need assistance in balancing mission and profitability. We specialize in social enterprises and can offer tailored support in areas such as measuring impact, securing funding from like-minded investors, and creating sustainable business models that align with their goals.

Scale-Up Startups

Businesses that are past the initial launch phase and looking to scale can benefit from advanced business coaching and strategies for scaling operations effectively. This support is crucial for managing the challenges of rapid growth and entering new markets.

If you’d like more information about our Startup Incubator Program, get in touch today.

This is What Your Can Expects From
Our Startup Incubator Program

Introduction and Ambition Definition

In our first session, we'll introduce ourselves and define our ambitions. We'll explore the proven business canvas model that we use and begin to unlock the potential of your business idea. This session is conducted in small groups of no more than three people, ensuring personalized interaction.

Justifying the Existence of Your Business

During our second session, we'll dive into the core of why your business should exist. We'll explore the fundamental purpose of your venture, addressing the crucial 'why' question that underpins everything else.

Refining Our Business Canvas

As we move forward, we will collaboratively refine each part of the business canvas. This includes detailing our vision, mission, core strategy, the entity itself, your offerings, the rules you operate by, and your market positioning.

Target Audience and Marketing Strategies

In these sessions, we focus on identifying and understanding our target audience. We'll develop marketing strategies that effectively communicate your message and connect with our potential customers.

Financial Modeling

Together, we'll thoroughly examine the financial aspects of your business. We'll construct a financial model that supports your business goals, ensuring you have a solid foundation for making financial decisions.

Pitch Deck and Financial Business Model

With all the foundational elements in place, we will craft a compelling pitch deck and robust financial business model. This will prepare you to confidently present your startup to the market and potential investors.

  • 30 Minutes Free Intake

    Getting to Know Each Other
    Valid for 7 days
    • Defining the Goals Briefly
  • Full Incubator Program for Startups

    Jumpstart Your Venture and Get Ready to Reach Out to Investors
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 20+ Hours of Coaching & Mentorship for Startups
    • Free Access to the Business Strategy Course
    • Free Access to the Financial Forecast Course
    • You will have a Professional Pitch Deck
"Sometimes in your life, there comes a time when everything in life is dark gray or maybe even black. The concept of Ben’s multi-day coaching made a deep impression on me. The combination of healthy food, sports and mental coaching, and friendly conversations made it complete for me. I’ve seen a lot of parts come along, NLP, and neurosemantics. It brought insights into myself that I had lost along the way. It gave me back the energy and motivation to be who I am and made me decide to start a new business. And enterprise I mean in the broadest sense of the word, so also in being human. Thx Ben!"

Michel Brands

Self-Assessment Checklist for A Startup Incubator Program

Below is a list of potential issues you might be facing. While there may be other concerns impacting you, this checklist is designed to give you an indication of whether our Startup Incubator Program could be beneficial to you. Take a moment to reflect on these points to determine if it might be time to seek professional guidance.

  • Are you experiencing difficulties in defining a clear and feasible business model?

  • Do you face challenges in attracting start-up capital or other sources of funding?

  • Do you lack access to networks that could be crucial for your startup, such as potential customers, partners, or investors?

  • Do you need more knowledge or skills in specific areas such as marketing, sales, or product development?

  • Do you find it difficult to recruit good employees who are willing to commit to a startup?

  • Are you encountering legal or regulatory barriers that hinder the growth of your startup?

  • Are you struggling with scaling your product or service or managing the growth of your startup?

  • Do you have difficulty establishing effective pricing strategies or generating revenue?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of leading a startup?

  • Do you need strategic guidance to ensure your startup is viable in the long term?

  • Do you have problems validating your product in the market or obtaining reliable market feedback?

  • Is it a challenge to set clear and measurable objectives for your startup?

  • Are you uncertain about how to protect your intellectual property?

  • Are there technological challenges that hinder the development or delivery of your product?

  • Do you struggle to gain visibility in a saturated market?

  • Do you lack a clear strategy for managing the cash flow and finances of your startup?

  • Do you need support in setting up efficient operational processes?

  • Do you find it difficult to find mentorship and advice from experienced entrepreneurs?

  • Do you struggle with balancing work and personal life, given the high demands of starting a business?

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Practical information

The coaching & mentor sessions can be conducted at your location or in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. For sessions abroad an additional fee will be charged.

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