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Ben Steenstra

Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Author, Public Speaker

Date of Birth:

July 3rd, 1973

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A Bit About Me

As an author, I have a passion for writing articles and books about the balance between doing good and excelling in a certain field of expertise. This involves writing about how to create strategic business plans and how to begin a startup, as well as topics about the mindset of an entrepreneur. In my writing, I always try to bring across my experience of starting multiple businesses myself, and my background in neurosemantics and executive coaching.

As an entrepreneur with skills in the fields of strategy, on- and offline marketing, communication, and development, I, together with the Mindd team, contribute to a more future-friendly world. With every project, we try to find and realize something that not only achieves the desired commercial results but also adds value to people, society, and/or their environment.


We help international enterprises and startups with our strategic insights and creative and swift execution. I also use my skills and experience to guide other entrepreneurs and teams to get the best out of themselves and/or their businesses and to let what deserves sunlight grow and flourish. Usually, this is through disruptive business plans or ideas, but sometimes through team sessions.

As an executive coach, I help entrepreneurs or senior management to face challenges in business and private life and become a better version of themselves.

As a public speaker, I talk about topics like entrepreneurship in general, how to start a startup, Meaningful Profit, and my own turbulent journey to achieve a Meaningful Profit company.

What Makes My Work Different?

I am extremely curious and disruptive, do not shy away from challenges, and dare to explore boundaries, always maintaining a balance between doing good and being good at something. Meaningfulness is what drives me, but achieving results is where I derive satisfaction. This applies both to business, writing, and coaching.

(Work) Experience

January 2023 - Untill Present


July 2015 - Untill Present


December 2018 - Untill Present


December 2008 - Untill Present


May 2009 - February 2013


June 2008 - February 2013


April 1994 - February 2013


Become Damn Good; a platform where you can read, watch and learn everything you need to become the best version of yourself. Both in business and in life.

Mindd: a digital agency that co-creates and executes corporate strategies and campaigns for a range of nationally and internationally operating companies like Samsung, HTC, and internationally operating NGOs.

TheONE: a cross-border video calling services platform that is active in 154 countries.

Proudly Open Minded: an NGO that independently funds and constructs schools and initiates projects in underserved areas in countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and Ghana.

EcoWiser: conducting energy efficiency assessments for businesses, helping them reduce their energy consumption.

Webellen: a telecom provider that offers cost-effective phone packages, combining the best phone deals with telecom services, distributed through retail partners via custom displays.

Quince: an International advertising and event agency including a software department with offices in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Jakarta.

Worked for Clients Among Others

"Ben has been able in a very impressive way to help us (Diyalo Foundation) with answering our main question what is our proposition based on our BIG WHY? We have been working with him during brainstorming sessions with excellent guidance & coaching to align the whole team! Thanks a lot once again."

Jord Drontmann, Co-Founder & Executive Director at Diyalo

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Nominated as management Book of the Year



Ik Ben Niet Alleen Op De Wereld; A Bit of Advertising for Purpose. In my book 'I AM Not Alone in the World,' co-authored with Wassili Zafiris, I share my personal and inspiring journey of transformation. From being a driven 'advertising guru,' I evolved into a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Along the way, I pioneered a groundbreaking approach to entrepreneurship known as 'meaningful profit,' bridging the gap between traditional profit-focused ventures and non-profit organizations.

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