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Webinars are rapidly gaining popularity. They are affordable, can be attended remotely, and are so diverse that you can learn anything you want. Webinars also gain popularity because some people make good money by hosting a webinar. But what are the most popular webinar topics in demand? Below is a list of inspiration for webinars to attend or host.

1. Entrepreneurship

Webinars about entrepreneurship are always popular because there is so much to tell about it. It can be about how to start your own business, how to deal with employees, or how to grow and attract new customers.

Also popular are topics like success stories or webinars on how to deal with adversity. Successful entrepreneurs are very curious and like to learn something new. That’s why webinars about entrepreneurship often attract many other entrepreneurs.

In the field of entrepreneurship, subjects such as social entrepreneurship and new management and leadership styles such as holacracy are also gaining popularity.

2. Online marketing

The time of the mail-order catalog is over, and everything now revolves around how you do your online marketing. This field is so extensive and subject to innovation that you’ll never stop learning and talking about it.

From success stories, and how to advertise best on Google and social media to search engine optimization and writing blog posts. There is always something new to tell or learn.

As part of the online marketing theme, you can also give or follow webinars on topics such as affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and, of course, social media management.

3. Personal development

Nothing is as multifaceted as humans. That’s what makes the subject of personal development so popular as a topic for a webinar. Subjects such as dealing with grief or setbacks and learning to accept yourself or someone else are very popular.

Other topics that many people want to know something about are depression, preventing burnout, and finding your passion. There are countless sub-areas in which people can and want to develop themselves. Especially life coaches can share a lot of wisdom through their education and experience.

Life stories and life lessons of people who have overcome something difficult in their own lives can also provide extraordinary insights that can be of great use to people.

4. Design and architecture

Design and architecture are fascinating subjects that can make many people happy. There are always new trends going on in this area, and there is still something new to tell or discover.

Webinars about site design, print design, logo design, and design trends for the new year are usually visited by creatives who want to find new inspiration.

Webinars on architecture can inspire because they are given all over the world by a diversity of people with different perspectives. For many people, it is worth a lot to share or experience the influences from other countries and cultures.

Design and architecture webinars can also be about mastering how to improve creative skills in the field of specific software packages. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator webinars are given for all levels. Webinars in the field of 3D software are also frequently attended.

5. Presenting and speaking in public

Giving a speech or giving a presentation can provoke great fear in some people. Thanks to useful tips and guidelines, webinars about presenting and speaking in public can be very valuable.

Sub-areas that are also in high demand are learning how to pitch, give a sales presentation, and make contact with people during gatherings.

6. Career and business growth

Students often do not yet know which direction they want to take when it comes to their future job. That choice can cause a lot of stress. But having a job that doesn’t make you happy without knowing what you want can be at least as stressful. That’s why there’s a lot of demand for webinars on career guidance, business growth, and job advice.

Topics such as dealing with an awkward colleague or manager and how to obtain a promotion are also popular because they require a combination of personal and business skills.

7. Technology and Innovation

Technology is evolving faster than we can keep up with as humans. That’s why there are so many webinars on technology and innovation. It can be about software development or innovation in the field of CMR, WMS, or HRM systems.

An entirely different target group is interested in technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, or artificial intelligence. The applications of the technology are very diverse and inspiring because the possibilities are unlimited.

Nowadays, houses and cars are printed with 3D printers, and there are drones as big as a fly. Anyone who loves technology and innovation will enjoy attending or giving a webinar in this field because there is always something new to discover.

8. Fashion and styling

Every season demands different clothing, and every six months, new fashion collections come on the market. The colors, shapes, and fabrics continue to adapt to new trends or set the trend. People with a feeling for fashion and styling can tell about this passionately and know how to inspire many with their creations.

Many given and visited webinars in the field of fashion and styling are about makeup, hair styling, color combinations, and personal styling. Personal shoppers often give a webinar in combination with clothing or makeup manufacturers so that you can have a look at collections that have not yet been released.

9. Handcraft and art

Handcraft and art webinars are webinars about how to create something. For example, making clothes, and jewelry, and working with leather or woodwork. But also learning to draw or paint are many given and attended webinars.

Usually, they give practical tips and insights to create something yourself. Webinars in the field of handicraft and art demonstrate artistic skills and inspire you to create something you didn’t think possible before.

10. Nutrition and health

A topic that should not be missed when it comes to popular webinars is nutrition and health. This also includes the subject of sport and exercise. We all want to grow old healthy and happy, and there is a lot to learn about it and how it can best be achieved.

Subtopics in the field of nutrition and health are all different types of diets, weight loss, hydration, and injury prevention.

11. Film and photography

Webinars in the field of film and photography cover a variety of topics, such as which equipment to use, but also which software is most useful.

You can learn about exposure and how to photograph or film certain concepts or subjects. There is also a high demand for webinars on exposure and portrait, model, and landscape photography.

12. Love and relationships

Some people have one partner after the other and don’t seem to be able to commit, and others never seem to be able to find anyone. Webinars about love and relationships are popular because they provide insight into our own and other people’s behavior.

Webinars about relationships can be about existing relationships, the relationship with your family or friends, and business relationships. You can learn how to find the ideal partner and how to give or receive love.

Webinars on love and relationships can also be about forgiveness or preventing or resolving conflicts. Many of these webinars are given by therapists or life coaches who specialize in the field of love and relationships.

13. Personal Finance and Income

There is a great demand for webinars that give practical tips on how to deal with personal finances and how to generate an income if you can’t find a permanent job.

Subjects in the area of personal finance and income are the emerging GIG economy, making money as a freelancer, generating a passive income, and managing your salary.

Other areas are debt repayment and debt restructuring, collecting outstanding amounts, and the importance of learning how to save money.

14. Alternative healthcare, yoga, and meditation

There is much that regular healthcare cannot explain or solve that be cured with alternative healthcare. In combination with knowledge of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises and applying this knowledge, (chronic) complaints can disappear within a short time.

Many people are curious about this often ancient wisdom and sometimes mysterious knowledge and visit webinars where insights are provided about what our ancestors already knew, and what our generation has forgotten.

15. Environment and Innovation

Webinars on environment and innovation are not the most given or visited but are becoming more and more popular. There is a growing demand for more knowledge about the various environmental issues and innovations in this field.

Subtopics in the field of environment and innovation are the circular economy, the greenhouse effect, deforestation, and tips on how to take better care of the environment yourself.

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