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What are the 7 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

The internet is full of lists of the characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have. Many of these lists are copied from other sources, and so it suddenly appears to be the truth.

After 20 years of being a coach and strategic sparring partner of several successful national and international entrepreneurs, I miss the most important characteristic in almost every enumeration. They are not untruths, but the current lists are often incomplete and just as often not being prioritized.

What is the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur?

One of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is that he is very curious about everything you can be curious about.

And that curiosity provides knowledge and insights with which the company can do better than the competition. Through more and better market knowledge and insight into trends and people, entrepreneurs can respond in the right way to the opportunities within the market. Successful entrepreneurs want to know everything about everything

It is easy for a successful entrepreneur to want to know everything. It does yield a lot. For example, the following 7 characteristics.

Characteristic 1. Entrepreneurs want to KNOW WHY they do something

Because entrepreneurs are so curious, they want to understand and feel why they do something. Even if the only reason is money, they will settle for it. However, real entrepreneurs are so curious that they know that money should never be the (only) motive.

A company or even a project takes a lot of energy, and the trick is to stay motivated, even in the event of a setback or fear of a future negative outcome. So they will only start something when they know for sure with which strong motives they are starting something. Because those motives also keep them motivated when things are not going well for a while.

Characteristic 2. Entrepreneurs have an IMMENSE FOCUS

Because entrepreneurs know exactly why they do something, they can have immense focus on making the company - or a project - important to them. They have the motives to be highly motivated to make what they are doing, succeed.

They realize that few other things are just as important at that moment and are therefore not easily distracted. They also make sure that their focus keeps companies - or projects - well-organized. An overview provides insight and focus.

Characteristic 3. Entrepreneurs have PERSEVERANCE

The more important something is to you, the easier it is to have perseverance. Sometimes it seems that entrepreneurs have more energy than average, but that is not the case. They channel their energy by making the motives they have important and keeping the focus on them.

As a result - in combination with their enormous curiosity - they get a lot done in a very short time. Alone or with a team.

Characteristic 4. Entrepreneurs know how to MOTIVATE PEOPLE

Nothing is as contagious as the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur. They can really motivate people. The drive, passion, and focus in itself are often a source of inspiration for many. But here, curiosity comes into the picture as well. They are sincerely curious about people and their motivations and are therefore able to bind them more quickly to themselves or send them out of the way.

Anyone who contributes to success is welcome, and anyone who doesn't can leave. A real entrepreneur makes quick choices in this respect.

Characteristic 5. Entrepreneurs can QUICKLY JUDGE and make decisions

The focus on and curiosity about the company - or the project - and the input of all the people around them enable entrepreneurs to judge and make decisions very quickly. They have a lot of instant knowledge and dare to make mistakes.

Speed is not the most important thing for them, but for most entrepreneurs, delaying and endless discussions fall within their allergy zone. Entrepreneurs are just like people.

Characteristic 6. Entrepreneurs dare to BE THEMSELVES

Entrepreneurs always dare to be themselves. Because they know why they want something and have positive and important motives for doing so, they are also aware that they are only trying to do good. Also in case they accidentally do something wrong.

Unlike the money-hungry deal-maker or trader, an entrepreneur is convinced that he is acting in good faith. It also makes an entrepreneur appreciate the feedback.

Characteristic 7. Entrepreneurs ARE LIKEABLE and receptive to feedback.

Successful entrepreneurs are likable. By acting in good faith with focus, passion, and perseverance, the entrepreneur gathers people around him who see the positive side of this. In combination with extreme curiosity and remaining true to themselves, many entrepreneurs are experienced as likable.

Entrepreneurs often have many acquaintances and friends from different social classes and are primarily interested in what the other person has to say. They are good listeners and often give and receive sensory input and feedback.

Are you going to share this list so that it becomes the new reality?

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