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How We Reached Google's Top 10 in Just One Day

Updated: Jan 31

Every SEO enthusiast aims to secure a position within the top 10 on Google, with many aspiring for the top 3 spots. This aspiration is for good reason: a staggering 70% of organic search traffic clicks on one of the first three results.

Ranking for popular keywords can be a monumental challenge. It often takes months to achieve a coveted position, especially when there's fierce competition. This delay is in part due to the technical requirement of ensuring that your website is SEO-optimized. Moreover, having a high domain authority and page authority is vital.

The question of whether you can rank within Google's top 10 for a competitive keyword in just one day often doesn't get a straightforward 'yes' or 'no'. However, based on our experience, we can confirm that we've achieved this feat multiple times. While it is possible, it's not always guaranteed.

Rank in Google's top 10 in a day? It's possible!

Three months ago, we launched our website, becomedamngood. At that time, our domain authority and page authority were virtually non-existent, and we had minimal content. Now, just a short while later, these figures have grown to 8 and 12, respectively. While this suggests we're still beginners in Google's eyes, we've made significant progress.

Our focus primarily revolves around topics like entrepreneurship, startups, mindset, communication, purpose, leadership, webinars, and SEO. We wanted to challenge ourselves to rank for one of these topics, leadership, in the top 10. We decided to write an article on 'gentle leadership', a concept gaining increasing recognition among various leadership styles and a search volume of 6K+ per month in the US.

Leadership is undeniably a widely-discussed topic. Countless articles have been written on it, indicating intense competition. If we can rank within the top 10 with a website that barely has any page or domain authority, imagine how much easier it would be for a website that has already built a robust reputation with Google.

On June 1, 2023, we published the article: GENTLE LEADERSHIP: WAYS TO BE THE BEST KIND OF LEADER.

The article is 1250 words long and doesn't contain any images. Moreover, there are 7 internal links pointing to this article, and it doesn't have any external backlinks from other sites yet.

The following day, the article ranked 23rd in the Netherlands and 7th in the USA. A month later, it climbed to the 4th position in both the USA and the Netherlands, where it remains.

How can you rank in Google's top 10 in a single day?

It turns out that you don't always need to wait for months to rank within Google's top 10. If you can identify low keyword-density search terms and then craft an outstanding article around them, you can achieve this feat within a day, even with ample competition.

Of course, it's crucial to be familiar with Google's guidelines and rules when writing your article and adhere to them.

If you wish to discover the secrets of Google ranking, get in touch or leave a comment below.

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