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How to optimize your SEO to rank higher in Google

As long as there are search engines, smart online marketing professionals try to rank sites higher than their competitors with SEO. Every day there is a race going on who is at the top of the search results. That makes sense because 95% of people don't click through to the second page when searching.

Among online marketing professionals is a well-known joke about where to hide a corpse. Their answer is on page two of Google because no one ever gets there.

But what can you do if you already have a site but none of your pages generate a lot of traffic or rank high in the search results? What can you improve and adjust so that you are ranked and found?

Ranking is more than just producing content

The internet is full of knowledge on every subject you can think of. The basic principle behind SEO and ranking is that you produce and publish better content than the site that ranks number 1. But more is needed to be the best in the eyes of Google.

Google also wants to see that you maintain your site and keep it up to date. Because the worst thing that can happen to Google is to present old and outdated information to its users.

Even if you're not technically literate you can often improve a lot and your site and content will rank higher. Think of the following things:

  1. 1. Optimizing your main page and landing pages

  2. 2. Optimizing your meta title and description

  3. 3. Optimizing your menu structure and URLs

  4. 4. Update articles with new information

  5. 5. Publish new articles

  6. 6. Cleaning up and creating internal links

  7. 7. Backlinks request to acquaintances and (business) partners

Optimize your main page and landing pages

Before you buy a book you first want to know what the book is about. It takes more than just a nice title. The same goes for a site. Search engines need a clear title and description on your main page of what your site is about.