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Attitude as Anchor: How Your Business Truly Gains Character

In my business canvas that I use for companies, one of the last questions is what the attitude of the company should be. Not to be confused with the image of a company, because that is the manifestation of the attitude. Time and time again I notice how much difficulty people have in defining an attitude. Not that everyone has to deal with this every day, but what strikes me is that almost no one has thought about this before.

What is the attitude of a company?

You sometimes meet someone who is very funny, witty, or very serious. You especially notice this in his or her language. But someone can also be very engaging or enthusiastic. In that case, a certain body language is often involved. An attitude is therefore a way of communicating and acting and it also works that way in a company.

During the attitude sessions, terms such as 'professional', 'together', 'customer-friendly', or 'integrity' are often mentioned. But this is more about the way of working, values, and preconditions for a company. For example, professionalism and customer friendliness are seen as basic expectations in many contexts. Customers assume that a company is professional in its actions, communications, and services. It is more of a fundamental requirement than a unique feature that sets a brand apart from others. Together and with integrity says more about the internal culture and therefore the values ​​that you jointly agree with each other.

An attitude is a way of communication and the appearance of the company that makes it recognizable. It is confusing if an email is sent to a customer one day in a very businesslike tone, and then the next day the communication is very jovial.

How do you define the attitude of a company?

Only once you have defined a vision, mission, purpose, Big WHY, entity, products and services, and core strategy can you determine the attitude. The attitude must be supportive of the whole. You choose, as it were, an attitude that suits you as a company and is most suitable as a communication style to the outside world.

It's a bit like not going to a gala in sneakers and not attending a funeral with all your bravado and jollity.

How do you describe an attitude?

An attitude can be a word, a combination of several words, or a short sentence. For example:


Wise and modest,


Rebellious with a touch of self-mockery.

To develop an attitude and 'feel' whether it suits the company, you can write a short text in that style. Below are 5 versions, each represen