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How to Create a Business Strategy for a Startup

  • 15Steps

About this course

Master the art of crafting a comprehensive Business Strategy in just 15 simple steps with our online academy. Our program is so straightforward that it's accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience. What sets our course apart? You'll learn to create not just any business strategy, but a 'Meaningful Profit Business Strategy' - and all condensed onto a single A4 page. Say goodbye to cumbersome, 100-page documents that no one has the time to read. Our method is concise, and effective, and has been adopted by numerous renowned national and international companies. The beauty of this course lies in its practicality and resourcefulness. Each of the 12 steps comes with its own explanatory video and a targeted question to deepen your understanding and application of the concept. Plus, you'll receive a valuable template to guide your strategy development, along with links to various related articles for further learning. For those seeking a more personalized learning experience, there is always the option to book a private coaching or mentoring session with me for an hour. After completion of the course, you receive a booking code with a 25% discount on your first session. Enhance your business acumen and embark on a journey to develop a meaningful, profitable strategy that resonates with your business goals and vision. The Academy includes a Business Canvas Template.

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