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Acceptance and Action: The Distinction between Influence and Control

Last month, the sad news reached me that two ladies I know well and are also friends of each other have been diagnosed with brain tumors. One of them passed away last week and the other has a maximum of 2 to 3 months left. In the process, she will leave behind 2 adolescent children. 

I am getting to an age where I will, unfortunately, experience people being ripped out of life more often. It is simply not something we have control over. But what is actually within our control and what is the difference between influencing something and having control over something? 

The stress of control freaks

I know people who, both in business and private life, want to control everything loose and loose. Some of these are so much of a control freak that I suspect what they have no control over they take out insurance for and insure that insurance as well.   

In doing so, they forget that we are only in control of ourselves and by our actions and speech can at most influence other, possible events and our environment. When crossing a busy street, you exert influence on whether you will be run over or not by looking carefully left and right. But you have no control over that spee