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SEO Writing Services

High Quality Content Writing - 25 hours

Program Description

We offer SEO Writing Services tailored to your specific needs and goals. Upon booking our services, the first step is an intake session where you can express your preferences and requirements. During this session, we will outline what is achievable within the allocated time and what we believe to be the most effective approach. Our service offerings within the agreed timeframe can include: Four 'Hero' Articles: These in-depth articles, ranging between 1500 and 3000 words, provide comprehensive insights into the chosen topic. Eight 'Standard' Articles: These articles offer a thorough understanding of the subject matter, designed to engage and inform your audience effectively. Two Interviews: We conduct half-hour interviews on topics of your choosing, integrating the insights into the articles. Additional options available, discussed during the intake session, include: Customization: Additional content types and structures to suit your specific needs. Writing Style: Tailoring the tone – business-like, informal, jovial, etc. – to match your brand and audience. Keyword Focus: Determining if focus keywords are pre-identified or if keyword research is required. Note that keyword research may impact the writing hours. Post-Delivery Process: After delivery of the content, you have the opportunity to provide feedback. We include one round of revisions to ensure the content meets your expectations and aligns with your objectives. Our aim is to deliver SEO content that not only enhances your search engine rankings but also deeply resonates with your audience, thereby strengthening your online presence and engagement.

Terms & Conditions

Our services are based on an obligation of effort rather than an obligation of result. We commit to performing our services with reasonable care, skill, and diligence. Specific outcomes such as search engine rankings, traffic increases, or direct sales improvements are not guaranteed. Feedback and Revisions: Upon delivery of the content, clients are entitled to provide feedback. We offer a revision process to align the content with the client’s objectives, within reasonable limits. Confidentiality: All information provided by clients will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of delivering the SEO Writing Services. Liability: The service provider is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of the content. Right to Refuse Service: We reserve the right to refuse service at any time. This includes the right to decline a project before commencement based on our discretion.

"Sometimes in your life, there comes a time when everything in life is dark gray or maybe even black. The concept of Ben’s multi-day coaching made a deep impression on me. The combination of healthy food, sports and mental coaching, and friendly conversations made it complete for me. I’ve seen a lot of parts come along, NLP, and neurosemantics. It brought insights into myself that I had lost along the way. It gave me back the energy and motivation to be who I am and made me decide to start a new business. And enterprise I mean in the broadest sense of the word, so also in being human. Thx Ben!"

Michel Brands

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