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SEO Quick scan

Scan the SEO performance of your site

Program Description

As an entrepreneur, managing every aspect of your business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to specialized areas like SEO. Often, SEO is outsourced, but without a basic understanding, how do you know if your SEO agency is really delivering value? That's where our service steps in. We offer a comprehensive SEO scan for businesses to evaluate whether their SEO agency is on the right track. Within just 7 days, we provide a detailed report that gives you the insights needed to assess your agency's performance. This service empowers you with the knowledge to ask the right questions and ensure your investment in SEO is well-placed. Our SEO scan covers key areas including: The quality and growth of your organic traffic. Analysis of your keyword clouds and meta information. Evaluation of your blog posts and pages for effective titles, subtitles, and depth of content. Assessment of your website's health. Examination of your site speed. Review of your structured data and implementation. Optional: A check on your backlinks. This is more than just a scan; it's a tool for transparency and accountability in your SEO strategy. If you ever find yourself in doubt about your SEO agency's performance, our service is the second opinion you need to ensure your business is getting the best out of its SEO efforts.

Terms & Conditions

Scope of Service: This service provides a quick SEO scan of your website using SemRush tools. Access to GA4 (Google Analytics 4): For more accurate results, we recommend granting us access to your GA4 account. This allows for a deeper analysis of your website's performance. Competitor Analysis: Enhanced results can be achieved by providing a list of your top 5 competitors. This information is crucial for a comparative SEO analysis and to understand your market positioning. Product Analysis: Please provide a list of your top 5 best-selling products and top 5 products that are underperforming but have the potential for better sales. This will help in tailoring the SEO strategy to boost visibility and sales. Results Disclaimer: The results presented from the SEO scan are approximate and should not be considered exact. They are intended to guide and inform your SEO strategy but do not guarantee specific outcomes. Confidentiality: All information provided by you will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose of this SEO scan. Limitation of Liability: We are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of our SEO scan results. Amendments: These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

"Sometimes in your life, there comes a time when everything in life is dark gray or maybe even black. The concept of Ben’s multi-day coaching made a deep impression on me. The combination of healthy food, sports and mental coaching, and friendly conversations made it complete for me. I’ve seen a lot of parts come along, NLP, and neurosemantics. It brought insights into myself that I had lost along the way. It gave me back the energy and motivation to be who I am and made me decide to start a new business. And enterprise I mean in the broadest sense of the word, so also in being human. Thx Ben!"

Michel Brands

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