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Revitalize Your Business

Give your business a new boost

Program Description

Has your business always been on a steady path but recently hit a rough patch? Are you seeking ways to breathe new life into your enterprise? If recent challenges, whether in business or personal life, have impacted your company's performance, I am here to assist in revitalizing your business. During our initial consultation, you can share and inquire about anything – rest assured, all discussions will remain confidential. With 30 years of experience, I have helped both national and international businesses, including renowned names like Samsung and HTC, to redefine their strategies and overcome hurdles. My expertise extends beyond mere consultation; I offer executive coaching, guiding leaders to unlock their potential and drive meaningful change within their organizations. In executive coaching, I focus on developing leadership skills, enhancing decision-making abilities, and fostering a culture of innovation and resilience. My approach is tailored to each business's unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring that strategies are not only effective but also sustainable in the long run. Whether it's redefining your business strategy, navigating market changes, or strengthening leadership, my comprehensive experience and customized approach can help turn your business challenges into opportunities for growth and success. About me: Ben Steenstra (1973) ENTREPRENEUR, AUTHOR, EXECUTIVE COACH AND PUBLIC SPEAKER I'm a passionate author, entrepreneur, and executive coach with a track record of starting multiple successful businesses. My writing delves into topics like strategic business planning, entrepreneurship mindset, and the balance between excellence and social impact. With a background in neurosemantics and executive coaching, I bring real-world experience to my work. As a founder of ventures like Mindd and TheONE, I've also had the privilege of collaborating with renowned national and international companies. I've contributed to a future-friendly world, emphasizing both commercial success and societal value. My expertise in strategy, marketing, and communication has benefited international enterprises and startups alike. My coaching journey involves helping entrepreneurs and senior executives overcome challenges and evolve into their best selves. What sets me apart is my innate curiosity, disruptive approach, and fearlessness in exploring boundaries. I'm driven by meaningfulness but find satisfaction in achieving tangible results.

Terms & Conditions

This service provides business strategy development and executive coaching. Tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities of each client. Initial consultation includes a discussion of client needs and a service overview. Consultations are scheduled upon request. All client information and discussions are kept strictly confidential, except as required by law. Commitment to protecting sensitive business information and strategies. Services are advisory; implementation success depends on various factors. The service provider is not liable for the client's business decisions or outcomes. Any potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed at the earliest convenience. The policy is subject to change; clients will be notified of any significant updates.

"Sometimes in your life, there comes a time when everything in life is dark gray or maybe even black. The concept of Ben’s multi-day coaching made a deep impression on me. The combination of healthy food, sports and mental coaching, and friendly conversations made it complete for me. I’ve seen a lot of parts come along, NLP, and neurosemantics. It brought insights into myself that I had lost along the way. It gave me back the energy and motivation to be who I am and made me decide to start a new business. And enterprise I mean in the broadest sense of the word, so also in being human. Thx Ben!"

Michel Brands

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