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Become Damn Good | Coaching Program

5 Sessions of 2 hours to Become Damn Good in Private and Business Life

Program Description

I have carefully designed this program for individuals who feel stuck, either in their personal or professional lives, who are dealing with setbacks, or who simply wish to achieve more from life. In these five sessions, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether you're navigating the complexities of the business world or seeking deeper fulfillment in your private life, I provide the tools and insights to help you overcome challenges and unlock your full potential. The expected outcomes: Increased Resilience: You can expect to develop stronger coping skills to handle stress and adversity in both personal and professional contexts. This resilience helps in navigating challenges more effectively. Intrinsic Motivation & Drive: The program aims to tap into your inner motivations, enhancing your drive towards your goals. This means fostering a sense of purpose that comes from within, rather than relying solely on external rewards or pressures. More Energy and Zest for Life: By addressing various aspects of your life, the sessions can lead to increased vitality and enthusiasm. This often comes from a better alignment of one’s actions with their personal values and interests. Optimism: The program includes strategies to cultivate a positive outlook. This can involve shifting perspectives, focusing on solutions rather than problems, and developing a growth mindset. Improved and Deeper Connections with People: By enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills, you can expect to build stronger, more meaningful relationships in both personal and professional spheres. Connection with Purpose: The sessions aim to help you connect with a sense of purpose or meaning in your life, which can provide direction and satisfaction. Feeling 'Lighter': Expect a sense of emotional unburdening or relief. As we work through personal and professional challenges, you may feel a reduction in stress and an increase in emotional freedom. More Inspiration: The program is designed to unlock new sources of inspiration, fostering creativity and new ideas. This can be particularly beneficial in both personal growth and professional innovation.

Terms & Conditions

This service provides business strategy development and executive coaching. Tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities of each client. Initial consultation includes a discussion of client needs and a service overview. Consultations are scheduled upon request. All client information and discussions are kept strictly confidential, except as required by law. Commitment to protecting sensitive business information and strategies. Services are advisory; implementation success depends on various factors. The service provider is not liable for the client's business decisions or outcomes. Any potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed at the earliest convenience. The policy is subject to change; clients will be notified of any significant updates.

"Sometimes in your life, there comes a time when everything in life is dark gray or maybe even black. The concept of Ben’s multi-day coaching made a deep impression on me. The combination of healthy food, sports and mental coaching, and friendly conversations made it complete for me. I’ve seen a lot of parts come along, NLP, and neurosemantics. It brought insights into myself that I had lost along the way. It gave me back the energy and motivation to be who I am and made me decide to start a new business. And enterprise I mean in the broadest sense of the word, so also in being human. Thx Ben!"

Michel Brands

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