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Executive Coaching Introduction




1 hour


About the Course

This Executive Coaching Introduction session is a journey of mutual discovery. We delve deep into understanding your unique needs and challenges. We focus on uncovering the core of your inquiries and strategize on how to transform you into the best version of yourself.

This experience is tailored for CEOs, founders, and senior management who are seeking a greater sense of purpose in both their professional and personal lives. Confronted with numerous challenges, we are here to guide you towards achieving a harmonious balance and a more fulfilling path in business and life.

Your Instructor

Ben Steenstra

Ben Steenstra

I am Ben Steenstra, co-founder of Mindd, founded several successful companies, I am a strategist, executive coach, public speaker, author of many articles, and a book that was nominated management book of the year. I helps people, international companies and startups to become damn good.

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